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Diabetic foot care
Diabetic patient

Feet are one the most important aspects of diabetic healthcare. As diabetes can damage the nerves to the feet and may limit blood flow, the possibility of slow healing of even minor injuries can leave a person vulnerable to infection and other complications.


With proper podiatric care and attention, diabetics can lead a normal life without any complications. Call us for a comprehensive foot exam. We’ll be more than happy to provide  you with all your answers.

Avoid serious health problems by taking precautions

Tips to diabetic patients:

1. Examine your feet daily

Use your hands and eyes or have a family member help. Check between toes and

on the bottoms of your feet. Look for danger indications, such as swelling, redness,

blisters, odors, and nail problems. If you observe any of these signs, please give us a call.


2. Daily washing and foot care

Avoid water that is too hot or too cold – use lukewarm water. Dry the feet, especially

between the toes. Lubricate dry skin.


3. Examine your shoes daily

Check for rough edges, seams, and foreign objects.


4. Avoid the following:

Walking barefoot, subjecting your feet to excessive heat, use of hot water for soaking feet or bathing. Do not use sharp instruments or chemicals to treat calluses, cut nails into the corners, and quit smoking.


5. Medical care

See your podiatrist on a regular basis. Ask your diabetic doctor to check your feet

every visit. Call us if you observe any of the above danger signs.

When you have diabetes,

proper foot care

is vital

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