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Kevin M. Wakeham, DPM, FACFAS

Callie LaMay, DPM, FACFAS

foot problem Comprehensive foot care

 Heel spurs

 Infections and ulcerations

 Ingrown toenails

 Neuromas (entrapped nerves)

 Pediatric foot care

•  Reconstructive foot surgery

 Soft tissue masses and tumors

 Sports injuries

 Tendon and joint pain


 Arch disorders



 Burning pain

 Calluses and corns

•  Congenial deformities

 Diabetic Care

 Fungal infections of skin and toenails

 Fracture care


 Heel pain

For nearly 3 decades, the doctors of Saybrook Podiatry Associates have offered comprehensive foot care to patients of all ages. Normal activity and an active lifestyle

require you to have a stable and pain-free feet, to control all your movement.


From your ankle to your toes, each part of your foot plays a unique role in your overall health. Don’t let that falter – if you’re feeling pain, soreness, or anything unusual, schedule

an appointment to see us today.

Providing you the best possible care

We offer medical and surgical treatment of:

Early treatment is key


Old Saybrook



Everything from

general care to

specialized services


If you're in need of an X-ray, we do them right here in our office so you don't have to

be bothered with taking care of it at another facility. We also offer custom orthotics for

arch disorders.